Cuba Cuba Cuba

cuban securtiy airport

Cuba has been on my bucket list since I learned that it was off limits.  

The idea of exploring the country seen as forbidden was as tempting as a teenager girl with the bad boy.  

It took some convincing for Matt to leave on a random weekend in April but after having one too many gin and tonics, Tyler, Matt and I booked our trip.

The only options for flights were red eyes which always seem like good ideas at the time but after trying to sleep on a budget airline in the middle of the night, it seems that paying the extra money for a flight during human hours may have been worth it.  

The moment we got off of the airplane it felt like we had traveled far beyond the 30 min. Flight from Miami.  The customs officials were dressed in fishnet stockings, short skirts, high heels and low cut shirts.  It was like they were wearing slutty Halloween costumes of TSA officials.  The men, all looking like they came straight from the gym wore shirts so tight their buttons held on for dear life.  I don’t mean to over-generalize but every single one of them was exceptionally good-looking.  

‘Maybe they just use the most beautiful as the welcoming committee for the country.’ I thought.  

In our drive to our Air bnb the infrastructure and foliage reminded me traveling through Sri Lanka and Vietnam.  

More to Come!

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