A Letter of Apology

I am sorry to every mother…

I was an idiot and I admit it. It is time that I apologize for the person I was before I had a baby.  This apology goes out to all of the ladies who had kids before me.  Here is a list of reasons that I am truly very sorry…

-I am sorry for every time I asked you to meet me at my location with your kids instead of coming to you.

-I am sorry for giving you ANY advice on how to be a parent.

-I am sorry for giving you cute outfits for your baby instead of wine.

-I am sorry for not offering to come hold your baby so you could sleep.

-I am sorry for not asking about how your babies were every time I talked to you.

-I am sorry for every fleeting judgment I made about the choices you have made in parenting.

-I am sorry for thinking that I could do a better job.

-I am sorry for asking you stupid questions like ‘did you poop on the table’ instead of asking you heartfelt questions about how your life has changed.

-I am sorry that I thought your job was easy.

-I am sorry that I didn’t bring you more meals in the first few weeks.

-I am sorry that I was annoyed when you left a social function early.

-I am sorry that I expected you to be the same person after your baby was born.

-I am sorry that I didn’t listen to your advice about how hard being a mom would be.

-I am sorry that I didn’t tell you what a good job you are doing.

-I am sorry for complaining about being tired.

-I am sorry for not washing my hands before I held your baby

-I am sorry for coming over when I was sick.

-I am sorry that I ever expected you to be on time.

-I am sorry that I picked over priced restaurants for us to eat at.

I have been humbled a thousand times since becoming a mom.  It is the hardest thing I have done in my life.  The new person that I have become is a bit of a better human.  Hopefully she will have less things to apologize for but who are we kidding?

Life of a Squatter

We decided in the spring that Matt was going to stay home with baby boy and I was off to work.  Matt knew what he wanted to go to graduate school for so he was a better candidate.

Moving to Denver on a single TEACHER income, we knew things would be tight.  Rent STARTS here for a 2 bedroom apartment at 1,200.  Near my school it is closer to 1,400.  This is insane.

We have had to be creative…. We found this company that matches homeowners/Realestate agents  with ‘caretakers’ who live in these homes, take care of them and stage them with their own furniture. Knowing that the rent price was right, we signed up for an interview.  Naturally they loved us so the adventure began…

The rent is less than half of what we would be paying in a normal apartment and we get to live in houses far bigger than what we could afford.

The downside is we have to be ready for showings (with a 16 month old, you can imagine how difficult this can be)

We have to move often….

We have lived in 4 different houses since Oct. 3rd.