Who do you think you are?

I sat down today to add the prices to my art for the First Friday event all I could think was; “Who do you think you are? What makes you so special?”

Sometimes my brain thinks it is protecting me from hurt but it is actually making it hard to put myself out there.

Someone today also asked me why we are putting this event on, after a heavy sigh, I responded as honestly as I could “I want these artists to be seen.  I want this community to see their neighbors and friends a bit differently, to see talent where they didn’t know it existed.”

If I keep this goal in mind, I can keep that Negative Nancy quiet for at least 24 more hours.

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Remembering a Place with Art

My friend Jill and I go back to Freshman year in High School.  She was two years older and seemed to know more about everything. She still does, really. In high school, we would cruise Main street (no, I’m not kidding) eat junk food and get ready for dates in my bathroom.  When we took the trip in the country to go to her farm we would lay on the bed, trying on clothes and listening to Mirah Carrey. Anyhow, we have remained friends over this time, reconnecting over motherhood.

We would touch base with each other every year or so since high school but have really connected again bonding over motherhood.

Jill’s dad lost his battle with cancer in 2015.  She has taught me so much about grief, and grace.  The farm that Jill grew up on went beyond the walls of the house and into the lines of trees and corrals around the farm.  As could be expected, the feel of the farm changed without her dad present.  Her mom decided to leave the farm and move to be closer to Jill, her brother, and the grandkids.  While Jill was thrilled to have her mom so close she also had to process emotions regarding her childhood home and loss.

I took my kids and husband out to Jill’s farm on a cold April day and took pictures.

It was difficult deciding on an image because I wasn’t sure what held the most meaning for Jill and I wanted it to be a surprise.

I chose acrylic paint and hints of gold leaf as my medium, I ended up adding pastel for a subtle color top layer.

Hopefully, this little piece helps hold Jill’s childhood home in more than just a memory.

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