When I was a kid my uncle told us yucca plants are edible, which I am sure they are, but my brother @brandon_hill11 cousin and I stockpiled the blooms in our fort like doomsday prep pets. We kept them hidden in jars under an old pickup bench seat. When we went to get them out, a mouse was in the hole and that was the end of that fort for me… I love blooming yucca, I love what a treat they are for cattle, I love the spiky leaves and the towering flowers, I love that they are part of home’s landscape. This is one of the prints available on canvas on my website… . . . #yucca #westernart #plantsofinstagram #praire #cattle #cows #agriculture #homeontherange #gobuyart #artistsoninstagram #anthropologiehome #anthropologie

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2LXyAsA

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