This week I had a major #fullcirlce moment. Matt secretly commissioned a piece from a former student of mine to draw a portrait of “family book time” which we have most every night. There is so much I love about this. I love that s is just in a diaper because #reallife I love that I have #nomakeup on and my hair is back. I love that my husband chose this image as the one to memorialize. I love that Matt understands that art is the best way to love me because #hegetsit. And mostly I love that @jade_w2417 spent a freaking ton of hours making this incredible piece that I will treasure. I know what it is to do portraits and it is so so hard, but lady you totally #nailedit and I couldn’t be more proud. If you need a portrait get this girl before her commission price is reflective of her talent. #artistoninstagram #emo #graphite #buyart

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