An Afternoon at the Salon

Cuban men were the most well kept male population I have ever seen.  Eyebrows, hair, well fitting shirts… Everyone seems like they are ready for picture day. 

Matt seemed to notice this as well because he decided that he needed a haircut.  Wandering through the streets on the first day, we happened upon a little salon, the man sitting in the doorway said to Matt “haircut, $7”  

Matt replied with “I’ll pay $5”

He agreed.  

The salon, like the rest of Cuba, had high ceilings and had parts of the space that were under construction.  When looking all the way back, it opened to a courtyard where people lived.  

I decided to get a cheap pedicure while we waited for Matt.  After I was seated, and taking a good look at her nail station, I was a touch worried about sanitation standards but I threw caution to the wind and shared a beer with the “technician”  as she painted my toes.  

File_001 (4)

As we sat there, I couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful she was not to mention, Francis, the guy cutting Matt’s hair who by this time, was onto Drew and would finish with Tyler.  

There was no covering on the door or windows, the beautiful warm weather allowed for this.  People walked by on their way, chatting, small street carts went by selling fruit.  From time to time someone would pop their head in, greet those inside, and be on their way.  

When someone would come inside, whether they were there for a service or just visiting someone inside, they were greeted with double cheek kisses.  Sitting there watching interactions and people move by, I started to fall in love with Cuba.  

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