What’s your thing?

Be gentle with me, I have a confession; I effing hate bath time.

As a parent, I think that there is one task that just drives us mad.  Like nails on a chalk board or the parenting equivalent of someone explaining a traditional IRA to me.  No thank you.  My thing is; bath time.  I loathe it.  I would rather my kids go without a bath for 5 days and begin to smell like a wet puppy, than have to endure bath time.  I can’t explain fully why I hate it so much, maybe it is the time of day, maybe it is getting splashed with water, I don’t know.  The good news is; Matt and my mom don’t mind this nearly as much as I do, which means that my kids are regularly bathed and you can hold off on calling Child Protective Services.

Here is a video of the hilarious mom duo from Pump and Dump about her “thing”

What’s yours?

1 Comments on “What’s your thing?”

  1. Bath time is my thing too. I HATE it. I’m always exhausted by that time of day and it is so annoying to crouch down in front of a bathtub. 😒 I am in agreement 100%! -Ashley


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