Here is a Gift, Now Go Hang it Someplace

In an effort to fully embrace my new Mission Statement, I took on my first large creative project.  My cousin Tyler’s 30th birthday was coming up and although we don’t have the same taste in art, I decided to do my best to make him something that he can hang on his wall… even if he chooses a wall in his closet.

I started by asking Tyler for some images that he would want made into art.  Since he is moving from his beloved Glenwood Springs this fall, he chose a variety of pictures and I ran them through the photo filter Prisma.  This filter makes me feel a bit like I am cheating but it is a really helpful tool in helping me choose colors which I find very intimidating, especially when starting a project.

His Lordship and I had decided to take the littles to our dear babysitter so we could both have some “me” time.  I got them dressed and fed and he dropped them off.  It really makes a difference in my headspace when I get to leave the house without hearing myself say 101 times;  “Get your shoes on or your sister and I are leaving you here!”

8:00- With my cold coffee in hand I head to school.

8:40-All of my supplies are organized and I have my image printed.  

9:00-Preliminary pencil sketch done.


9:00- Debate doing writing instead…

9:01-Put color on the paper and hate it. The paper is too fibrous so the soft pastels don’t cover it well.

9:02-Wish that I hadn’t committed to this.

9:03- Decide to try oil pastels instead… Go with it.

9:16- Wonder what I was thinking, I am rubbish, this is going to be trash. Who am I fooling thinking I am an artist?


9:18-Decide to just finish it.

9:24-Get into a groove.


10:30- Finish product surprisingly early, decide to try another image.



11:58 Clean up, go pick up my kids for sitters.

All in all it was a pretty successful creativity session.  I really thrived with having a deadline of leaving to see Tyler and knowing that it was a gift.  Otherwise I am 83% sure I wouldn’t have finished it.

Barriers: Motivation, confidence, organization and time

Blessings: Babysitter, space to work in (my classroom), technology, and a deadline.

Here is Tyler with the finished Products: He said that he is absolutely going to hang them up, no word yet on which wall…

image2 (2)

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