German Fest 2013

I came across this unpublished blog post from 2013.  It was written mere days before I became pregnant with Benton and my life drastically changed in an instant.  I am trying not to edit these words and keep them preserved as fresh.

I am missing China a bit extra these days and I cherish these memories…

Brooke’s Visit

My cousin Brooke flew back with us and she is staying for 6 weeks!  We are having a grand time and I believe that she is enjoying herself as well.  People often ask what she is doing all day. I cannot speak for every minute but I am quite proud to announce that she has successfully read 1 book and finished all THREE seasons of Downton Abbey (that’s right ladies and gentlemen, season 3 has debued in China) other successes have included; going for runs, getting massages, napping, pedicures, and journaling.

Our social life in Shanghai is like college only better because we have regular incomes, which support our shenanigans.  Since we have been back this semester we have been out every Friday and Saturday.  Three birthday parties and a German Carnival have kept us busy.

The German Carnival was quite memorable.  Our Irish friend Patrick invited us to go with he and his wife.  He mentioned last minute that we would need costumes.  Costume parties in China are quite fun because it is so easy to have something made.  With less than a week however, we didn’t have time to have something made for the three of us.  We had to use what we had in the closet, which included an Audrey Hepburn costume (I had it made for our Christmas Party) A blue tuxedo, and an apron.  Together we were fabulous.

The party had all you could eat German food and all you could drink beer.  We had a good time.  Brooke had a wooden spoon to add to her 1950s housewife persona.  At one point while dancing, Brooke obtained a toy gun off of one of the many cowboys roaming around.  She was stirring the air with her spoon and shooting into the air and shouting proudly “I don’t know where I got this gun!”

I turned to Matt who was seemingly feeling left out of singing along to the German music.  He was making up his own lyrics with all of the things he knows about Germany.  “You have sauerkraut. You make good sausages.  You have good beer.  You lost World War II.”

Back to Brooke, she is now spanking Spiderman with the afore mentioned wooden spoon.  

Matt;  Now has a hat with fringe on it.

Brooke; using her backside as a weapon to fight super heroes.

Matt; singing loudly “You have good sausages!”  (now wearing cowboy hat.)

Brooke; Spiderman is defeated.

The night went on like this for several more hours until we finally made it home to Facetime Lynn.

Fun times. Making memories.

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