The toddler has taken to calling me Sweetie from time to time.  Which is pretty adorable.  Lately, he will also shout from another room “Sweetie, don’t come in here!”  Which translates to:  Come as quickly as you can because I am doing something that I absolutely should not be doing and it is probably dangerous.

Here are a few things I have walked in on:

-Climbing the bookshelf

-Stuffing large amounts of toilet paper in the toilet

-Eating my chap-stick

-Spraying the fabreeze air freshener in his hair

-Eating popcorn he found in his toy box.  (I can’t remember the last time we made popcorn)

I love how genuinely surprised he is when I arrive at the doorway, like I somehow foiled his genius plan.  I really hope his complete inability to be sneaky lasts through adolescence.

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