A Letter of Apology

I am sorry to every mother…

I was an idiot and I admit it. It is time that I apologize for the person I was before I had a baby.  This apology goes out to all of the ladies who had kids before me.  Here is a list of reasons that I am truly very sorry…

-I am sorry for every time I asked you to meet me at my location with your kids instead of coming to you.

-I am sorry for giving you ANY advice on how to be a parent.

-I am sorry for giving you cute outfits for your baby instead of wine.

-I am sorry for not offering to come hold your baby so you could sleep.

-I am sorry for not asking about how your babies were every time I talked to you.

-I am sorry for every fleeting judgment I made about the choices you have made in parenting.

-I am sorry for thinking that I could do a better job.

-I am sorry for asking you stupid questions like ‘did you poop on the table’ instead of asking you heartfelt questions about how your life has changed.

-I am sorry that I thought your job was easy.

-I am sorry that I didn’t bring you more meals in the first few weeks.

-I am sorry that I was annoyed when you left a social function early.

-I am sorry that I expected you to be the same person after your baby was born.

-I am sorry that I didn’t listen to your advice about how hard being a mom would be.

-I am sorry that I didn’t tell you what a good job you are doing.

-I am sorry for complaining about being tired.

-I am sorry for not washing my hands before I held your baby

-I am sorry for coming over when I was sick.

-I am sorry that I ever expected you to be on time.

-I am sorry that I picked over priced restaurants for us to eat at.

I have been humbled a thousand times since becoming a mom.  It is the hardest thing I have done in my life.  The new person that I have become is a bit of a better human.  Hopefully she will have less things to apologize for but who are we kidding?

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