Missing Breastfeeding Words

This article was published on Pregnant Chicken awhile back and I am still proud of it.  While I have been done now for a few months, breastfeeding has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I still wish someone would have explained these things to me…

The first few weeks postpartum were, shall we say… leaky. My eyes, my boobs, everything. To complicate matters I found myself struggling to describe to my husband what I was experiencing in the breastfeeding department. “I feel like when she latches she has a piece of glass in her mouth!” I announced through tears.

My husband sat completely motionless watching as I winced in pain, looking both scared of my hormones and completely confused about glass being in our newborn’s mouth. What I desperately needed was a way to describe what I was going through because the whole experience was completely foreign to me. It really required an entirely different vocabulary most of which didn’t exist. So as a gift to new moms everywhere I have taken the liberty of creating 12 new breastfeeding words.  Make sure to make flashcards for your nearest and dearest.


Implantobsolete: Im-Plant-Ob-So-Leet | noun

The day your milk comes in you can’t stop looking in the mirror at the boobs that you always wanted, except that they are leaking milk and feel like a bag of golf balls.


Leftinthedarkpain: Left-In-The-Dark-Pain | adjective

The feeling of tiny razor-like fingernails on engorged breasts. Also experienced in the form of excruciating uterine contractions while breastfeeding the first few days. You wonder why, oh why, no one has mentioned this before, which somehow makes it more painful.


Spousal Upsiedownsie: Spous-AL  Up-SEE-Down-SEE | noun

Lactation hormones creating a storm of extremes making you feel more in love with your spouse than ever, and in the next moment imagining strangling them with pump tubes.

Antidam: Anti- DAM | noun

The feeling of knowing that you are just about to cry about something absolutely ridiculous and having no way of stopping the flow of tears leaking out while your oblivious infant chows down. Typically blamed on postpartum hormones.

Selfapplause: Self-Applause | noun

The award you present yourself for making it through yet another day breastfeeding. Synonyms: Cocktail.  

Isolactation: Iso-Lac-Tay-Shon | noun

The feeling of complete isolation of middle of the night feedings while your spouse, and seemingly the rest of the world, sleeps. This can also occur when pumping alone in a sketchy supply closet that your employer has provided for you to use, or when breastfeeding away from the party.  

Identifake: I-Dent-i-FAKE | noun

The feeling of being a nursing imposter, who has no clue what they are doing all the while smiling and pretending they do know. Pretending it is completely common in your world for another human to be getting sustenance from your bleeding nipples.

Feedsuggestionrage: Feed-Sug-Gest-ion-Rage | noun

The rage you feel produced by someone suggesting that your baby “must be hungry” moments after you just fed them for 42 minutes on BOTH SIDES.  It couldn’t possibly be that they are fussy because they aren’t pleased with the person holding them.

Shiftyboober: Shift-EE-Boob-ER | noun

The awkward feeling you feel about someone feeling awkward about breastfeeding in their presence.

Uses: I am going to nurse in my car because of the shiftyboober.

Breastreplacementacy: Breast-RE-place-MENT-acy | noun

Loving being able to provide instant comfort to your baby but also wanting to be able to pass that gift off to others once in awhile.

Boobperiod: Boob-peer-ee-od | noun

Milk leaking out of one or more breasts causing you to have to wear breastpads constantly (or a cloth diaper in your bra if you happen to run out), making it feel as though it is always your breasts’ time of the month.

Uses: Colleague: “I think you spilt something on your shirt” Me: “oh, no. That’s just my boobperiod”

Invincilactation: In-vense-a-lac-tay-shun | noun

After keeping your baby alive with your body alone for over a year, you feel as though you can accomplish anything.  Well, anything except avoid feedsuggestionrage.

Just today I had to leave the pool because there were too many shiftyboobers around, I then was in a serious state of isolactation. Thank god for selfapplause! 

Scenes of Nature

While moving cows last weekend, I was trying to get several images that would be inspirational.  Instead, I found this gem of my husband passing by, and I can’t stop watching it.

Whitney Benton: Photographer. Influencer. Blogger.

“It’s not just photoshoots and free clothes.  Its tough and rugged, and self doubting and self conscious too.”

-Whitney Benton, taken from her most recent blog post.

Whitney was the planned feature for this interview and she is doing some pretty amazing things.  Just today she decided to open a Beauty Campaign to uplift and empower women.

Get. It. Girl.

I came to know Whitney because my cousin Nik married her. She grew up in a neighboring community so our friend and family circles have overlapped many times over. In recent years she has become a sought-after photographer, influencer, and blogger.   We are the only ones with sons in the family so at family gatherings we are often chatting about being boy-moms.  Whitney’s talent and creative drive is not something she talks much about face-to-face but when she did this shoot for us in the summer, it turned out so beautifully it took my breath away and made me cry.  Her creativity shocked and inspired me.  She’s got mad skills, you guys.  So I had to pick her brain unlike I have ever done before.  She has a wealth of knowledge I didn’t even know, and we were wasting our time talking about potty training!

So she answered some interview questions for me;

Bri:  You are the mom of two active boys, 4 and 1, how do you find time to work on your creative pursuits?

Whitney: Like most mothers, it’s a juggling act! I try my best to take advantage of the time while my boy’s nap.  Editing, writing among other things are always done during those quiet times. As a mother, wife farmer and rancher its hard to “schedule” anything.  Whether the boys are napping or it’s in the wee hours of the night, my creative time is when I have time alone!

Whit Fam

B: What does your creative space look like?

W: Most often, the comfort of my couch! I love to cuddle up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and laptop in tow.

B: What are your favorite resources that have helped guide you?

W: In the beginning, I relied heavily on the help of friends and fellow bloggers. I was fortunate enough to find a group of women who were happy to lend their support an advice along the way.   I stumbled across the blog The Bleacher Babe.  I formed a friendship with the woman behind the blog and thanks to her I was introduced to an entire community of ladies doing exactly what I had set out to do.

B: Who is your favorite photographer? Favorite influencer?

W: I find it nearly impossible to choose a favorite photographer.  Just like people, not a single one of them is like the other.  What I love about photography I that it cant be exactly replicated—each image is a work of art.  My hands-down favorite influencer is @officiallyquigley.  This girl has got serious style goals.  I love her edgy high fashion look and also her ability to tie in some sort of western flair!

B:  What do you wish people knew about photography? Influencing?

W:  It’s work.  All of it.  I don’t think most people recognize the commitment that goes into both photography and influencing. They require a certain degree of commitment in order to grow—both worlds are constantly growing and changing requiring you to consistently adapt and learn.

B: What special challenges do you face because you live in such a rural part of the country?

W:  Opportunities to attend events/workshops.  Also much of the face to face communication with many of the businesses I work with. Thankfully though, much of the world operates via Instagram or Facebook so opportunities that otherwise might be out of reach are now a possibility. It’s easy in today’s world to work alongside a boutique or business hundreds or even thousands of miles away!

B: What advice do you wish you could give yourself 5 years ago?

W: It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to be different and to do what makes you happy!  It took a long time to feel comfortable enough to step out of my comfort zone and to put myself “out there.” I’m so grateful for where this journey has led thus far and I’m looking forward to what Ill accomplish in the future!

Whit Self

B: In 5 years where do you hope your career is?

W: It’s my hope to continue growing both my photography and influencer account. I have recently launched my website and I look forward to blogging more. I hope that my work becomes highly recognizable in both the blogging and photography world.  It’s my goal to turn this part-time job into a full-time job and steady income for my family.

B: Any other advice you would give a mom needing a creative outlet, or someone wanting to make a career similar to yours?

W:  Just do it! If you have a passion or have found something that makes you happy, then jump in and give it your all!